NLC President Slams Greedy Govs, Halts Strike Plans

The Nigeria Labour Congress President, Joe Ajaero, on Monday criticised governors for rejecting the proposed N62,000 minimum wage, stating, “How can any governor say he cannot pay? They cannot also be calling for the decentralization of the minimum wage.”

Comrade Ajaero emphasised the need for governors to prioritise fair wages within their states before seeking decentralization.

Ajaero also highlighted the disparity in governors’ financial capabilities, pointing out that some states generate substantial revenue while others contribute little to the national purse.

He commended Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State for paying a higher minimum wage of N70,000, contrasting him with what he referred to as “lazy” governors who resist the proposed increase.

Regarding the strike action, Ajaero explained that the NLC would not proceed with the strike scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, as the decision on the new minimum wage rests with President Bola Tinubu. Stating, “The tripartite committee submitted two figures to the President. Government and employers proposed N62,000 while labour proposed N250,00o. We are waiting for the decision of the President. Our National Executive Council (NEC) will deliberate on the

new figure when it is out.”

He expressed hope that the President would make the right choice, considering the significant gap between the proposed N62,000 and N250,000 figures.

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