AFN Rebuffs Amnesty International Claims, Vows to Continue Operations

The Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) has refuted recent allegations by Amnesty International, emphasised AFN’s commitment to upholding international law and human rights principles in their operations.

In response to the accusations, Major General Edward Buba in a statement sent to Africa Health Report on Monday stated, “The AFN elects not to join words with organisations such as Amnesty International, rather would encourage them to approach the military high command to substantiate their allegations.”

He reassured that the military has internal mechanisms to address any proven cases of misconduct by personnel.

Buba explained that under the leadership of Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Musa, the AFN maintains a zero-tolerance policy for indiscipline and improper conduct during operations. The existence of court martials ensures accountability for any misbehaviour that tarnishes the military’s reputation.

He affirmed the AFN’s resilience against attempts to undermine troop morale, stating, “We will be unperturbed by such self-serving statements targeted at dampening the morale of troops in operational theatres.”

He also expressed the AFN’s readiness to engage with Amnesty International in a constructive manner if needed.

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