Senegal Suspends Internet Amid Mass Protests over Hate Speech

Mobile data internet was suspended Tuesday in Senegal to prevent the spread of hate messages on social media which spurred violent protests in the West African nation, an official said.

Communications Minister Moussa Bocar Thiam said the measure is provisional, blaming hateful messages for recent protests in the country following the announcement of the postponement of the presidential election.

Originally scheduled for Feb. 25, the election was postponed to Dec. 15 by Senegal’s outgoing President Macky Sall with the support of the parliament. This decision provoked fierce criticism, and many Senegalese took to the streets to demonstrate their discontent last week.

Criticizing the move, Human Rights Watch researcher Ilaria Allegrozzi said on X: “Authorities should restore the internet, allowing the free flow of information and the ability of people to express their points of view.”

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