Bleak Valentine as High Cost of Beauty Services Mars Fun Day for Lovers

Janet is a typical beauty services customer at Wuse Market in Abuja, Nigerian capital city. She said, “This Valentine, the price to look good is just too high, adding that beauty comes with a cost”.

Janet’s experience captures what hundreds of ladies are facing this Valentine’s Day. Ordinarily, every woman likes to look good, charming and loving. But the ever-spiraling prices of beauty services items have constrained many a lady to go low-key this time around. Africa Health Report’s Gom Mirian who visited the Wuse Market, reports that the exorbitant prices of hair attachments, nails, and beauty services have made it unfeasible for them to indulge in their usual Valentine’s Day rituals.

The soaring cost of beauty services has cast a shadow over Valentine’s Day celebrations for women in Abuja, Nigeria. As the special day approached, ladies in the capital city, like those across the country, were eager to pamper themselves with hair and nail treatments.

Janet, a regular customer at the popular Wuse market known for its beauty services, expressed her dismay, “I used to look forward to Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to pamper myself and look my best, but this year, the cost of attachments and beauty services is just too much.”

She highlighted the drastic increase in prices, citing examples of hair attachments that were previously sold for N2,000 now priced at N3,200, and the cost of braiding hair ranging from N8,000 to N10,000, which only lasts for two to three weeks.

Our correspondent observed another customer, Esther, engaged in a heated discussion with a nail technician named Tony over the exorbitant charges for fixing her nails and lashes.

When asked about the issue, Esther explained, “I used to get powdered nails done here for N6000 to N7000 and lashes for N1,500, so I assumed that even with the price increases, the total cost should be around N10,000.


” However, to my surprise, he insisted that I should pay N15,000 for nails alone and N18,000 for both nails and lashes, citing ‘Kiniko Kiniko’ as the reason for the inflated charges,” Esther sadly said.

The situation has not only affected the customers but has also taken a toll on the sellers and providers of these services, resulting in a significant decline in sales during the Valentine’s season.

Grace, a salon owner in the market, lamented the impact on her business, stating, “Many of my customers have had to forego their usual hair and nail appointments due to the high cost, and it has greatly affected our business.”

The increase in prices of raw materials, coupled with the economic downturn, has led to a surge in the cost of production, which has been transferred to the consumers.

Mary, a supplier of hair attachments in the market, explained, “The cost of importing these materials has gone up significantly, and it has become increasingly difficult to maintain affordable prices for our customers.”

Mary’s attachment outlet in wuse market, Abuja

Despite these challenges, some women have found alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, focusing on spending quality time with loved ones and showing them how much they mean in other ways.

Khadija, a 30-year-old Gwarimpa resident, emphasised, “I may not be able to get my hair done or fix my nails this Valentine’s, but I refuse to let the high cost of beauty services dampen my spirits.

She continued, “Thank God for wigs, you will wear it package yourself to look good that is all.”

 However, Symbian, another Gwarimpa resident, said the financial constraints have made this year’s Valentine’s Day seem lackluster, with no resources to even go out for an outing.

She said, “Today doesn’t feel like Valentine’s Day to me. It’s boring, there’s nothing to celebrate, and everything is too expensive. Just imagine buying a liter of fuel at N670 for an outing. I’m keeping it low-key; there’s no need to spend and then regret not having enough for tomorrow’s needs.”

While the cost of attachments and beauty services may have put a damper on Valentine’s celebrations for many women in the Wuse market, their resilience and resourcefulness have shone through. As they adapt to the changing circumstances, they continue to find joy and love in the little things that truly matter. The high cost of beauty services has not diminished their spirit of celebration and love, as they seek alternative ways to mark the occasion without incurring significant expenses.

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