Adeboye in Kaduna Wants Divine Intervention to Solve Insecurity

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) General Overseer Enoch Adeboye has implored Nigerian citizens to seek the Almighty to solve Nigerian problems

This was contained in a statement on Monday in his visit to Kaduna State Governor for a crusade in Kaduna titled “Light Up Kaduna”

Adeboye stated, “When we are faced with problems that are Beyond Human capability to solve them, we call on the Almighty”

An X user @Prince Charles said that Nigerian problems have to do with men and not God. He affirmed,

“Lol…If to say nor be Baba Adeboye I would have said something not pleasant….

Why don’t Japan, China and do not have this same spiritual problem????

Leave God alone and face man!!!!!”

Another user @Judeogec laments that the clergy is not facing insecurity as Nigerians are. He confirmed in a statement, “Them never napkid am b4.

All these abracadabra na say 9ja never happened to am. If it had, only then would he understand that God can never do 4 u that which He’s given you the will 2 do 4 yourself.

Our Security Architecture has collapsed and needs overhauling. Nothing Spiritual therein”

Another X user @ RTinaqueen rains word on clergy calling him false while depicting there’s nothing spiritual about him. She said “Fake pastor, Fake prayer, No one will answer your prayer because you are non-existent in the spirit. ENKR!!!”

The RCCG Clergy reviewed how blessed we are as a nation while stating that the politicians are doing everything humanly possible.

“We are blessed with all manners of resources and yet we have so many problems, It is not as if people in authority are not trying their best as much as humanly possible”.

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