After the completion of the numbering of buildings and listing of households, the National Population Commission began the enumeration of persons in Oyo State for a trial census on Wednesday, as part of the preparation for the 2023 headcount.

The enumeration exercise was being carried out in nine local government areas including Lagelu, Ogo Oluwa, Oluyole, Iwajowa, Itesiwaju, Atisbo, Ibarapa North, Ido and Ibadan North East.

Among the selected communities were Odo Oba, Oluyoro, Omi Adio, Ayete, Iwere Ile, Otu, Budo Anfani, Akobo, Odo Ona Elewe, Ile Abu, Alaga and Bota in three senatorial zones.

A total of 90 enumerators and nine supervisors were designated to carry out the enumeration exercise.

At the commencement of the enumeration exercise, the NPC Federal Commissioner in the state, Dr Eyitayo Oyetunji, described the trial census as a full “dress rehearsal” of the main one, saying that the enumerators would canvass all questions that needed to be asked in 2023.

The questions, according to him, would cover age, gender, marital status, educational attainment, work status, migration, disability, mortality and housing, while religion and ethnicity would be excluded.

Speaking further, Dr Oyetunji said that the actual enumeration for the trial census would offer the opportunity to test the full data production system for the digital census.

Trial census: NPC begins enumeration of persons in Oyo
•The Oyo StateFederal Commissioner, National Population Commission (NPC), Dr Eyitayo Oyetunji (second right); flanked by Director General of Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency (OYSAA), Hon. Segun Temi Adibi; representative of Ido Local Government Area chairman, Hon. Olalere Yusuf and representative of Ibadan North East Local Government Area chairman, Hon. Adewale Akanbion , on Wednesday.

He made it known that there would be no need to use papers throughout the process, as enumerators would collect information with their handheld tablets in which questionnaires had already been installed.

He stated further that the information collected would be uploaded to the NPC central server in the cloud by the enumerators after each day’s work had been certified by the Supervisors.

The Federal Commissioner solicited the continued support and cooperation of community leaders and the general populace, giving an assurance that all information collected would be accorded utmost confidentiality in line with international rules on demographic data collection.

He added that such information would only be used for statistical and developmental planning purposes.

The Federal Commissioner also took journalists to some of the houses where residents were being enumerated At Oluyoro Oke Offa in Ibadan, observing how the exercise was being carried out and the challenges being experienced.

One of the supervisors, Lawal Ahmed, said that the exercise had been going on successfully save those who didn’t want to be counted.

A supervisor, Mariam Bello, in her response to questions by journalists said that the challenges they had encountered only needed continuous advocacy to get on board those who were unwilling to be enumerated.

A community leader, Chief Ojegboyega Abimbola Adepoju, also told journalists that there had been an enlightenment campaign on the benefits of being enumerated, which would bring growth, development and provision of needed facilities to the community.


NPC begins enumeration…    NPC begins enumeration…    NPC begins enumeration…

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