How Ex-Kogi Gov Bello Plunged Residents into Multidimentional Poverty Failed in Healthcare, Infrastructure Delivery in Eight Years

The immediate past Kogi state Governor, Yahaya Bello’s tenure was marked by significant shortcomings in key areas crucial for the well-being of the people.

One notable area of failure was healthcare, with inadequate infrastructure and poorly equipped facilities leading to substandard healthcare delivery.

Additionally, educational standards suffered, as evidenced by a lack of investment in schools, resulting in a decline in quality and access to education.

Infrastructure development was also disappointing, with promises of road construction and maintenance left unfulfilled most especially itobe where mostly kidnappings occurs due to the bad road, contributing to transportation challenges across the state.

Furthermore, issues of governance transparency and accountability persisted, fostering an environment of distrust and dissatisfaction among the populace.

Overall, Bello’s administration fell short in prioritizing the fundamental needs of the people, leaving many disillusioned and underserved.

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