Nigeria Ranks 5th on First Conducted Global Crime Index

Nigeria Ranks 5th is the first conducted Global Crime Index after the United States (US) and below Romania with Russian as first on the list.

This report which is the first of its kind conducted by researchers of the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford, and the University of New South Wales, Canberra, which identifies the global cybercrime of diversity such as cashing out and money laundering at national level.

According to Dr Jonathan Lusthaus, an author of the research, conducting this research was technically difficult but using survey to draw the pictures of where the offenders are emanating from helped out a lot.

“Due to the illicit and anonymous nature of their activities, cybercriminals cannot be easily accessed or reliably surveyed. They are actively hiding.

“If you try to use technical data to map their location, you will also fail, as cybercriminals bounce their attacks around internet infrastructure across the world. The best means we have to draw a picture of where these offenders are actually located is to survey those whose job it is to track these people.”

Also commenting on the report, Dr. Miranda Bruce, of the University of Oxford and UNSW Canberra  who tasked Government agencies to better compare cybercrimes using this report.

“For the first time, we have reliable data on the location of cybercriminals, and we also have a way to measure their impact, Government agencies and private enterprises tasked with tackling cybercrime now have a much better understanding of the scale of the problem in their own backyard.”

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