Ebonyi Enrolls 4000 Pregnant Women for Extensive Healthcare Services

The Executive Secretary of Ebony State Health Insurance Agency, Chief Divine Okemfuna Igwe has confirmed the enrollment of four thousand pregnant women in Ebony State.

This was announced during a press conference in Ochiudo Centenary City, Abakalika, Ebony State.

According to Igwe the enrollment is the directives of the state Governor, Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru and it covers, antenatal care delivery (ANC), digital technology to streamline for easy access of healthcare services without hassles.

“We have enhanced our benefits package to provide extensive healthcare coverage, including dental care, mental health services, and maternity care,”

“Our community outreach programs, and health education campaigns have helped increase enrolment and improve health outcomes among Ebonyi State residents”. He said.

He assured that the state health insurance agency will ensure that all residents have quality and easy access to healthcare care services.

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