FG Approves N25Bn for Health Care Services

The Federal Government (FG) has approved N25 billion to the National Primary Healthcare Agency (NPHCDA) and National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to ensure healthcare care services across  Nigeria.

This was reviewed by Prof. Mohammed Pate, Minister of Health and Social Welfare during the Sixth meeting of The Basic Health Care Provision Funds (BCHPF) Committee held in Abuja on Saturday.

Pate emphasis on the allocated funds mainly for financing workforce incentives and enhancing healthcare infrastructures and equitable access to healthcare services.

“This substantial investment highlights our dedication to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and supporting our healthcare workforce,” Pate stated. “In addition to direct facility financing and workforce incentives, a portion of the funds will be allocated by the NHIA to provide financial protection for the poorest and most vulnerable populations, further ensuring equitable access to healthcare services.” Pate Said.

Pate emphasizes FG commitment in providing Healthcare services for women, children and vulnerable populations while stating that reporting mechanisms will be ensured for transparency.

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