Dickson: I ‘Know’ Masterminds of Niger Delta Oil Theft

In a startling revelation, Senator Seriake Dickson has accused top individuals residing in Lagos and Abuja of being the masterminds behind the rampant oil theft in the Niger Delta.

Speaking on the socio-political program “Inside Sources” with Laolu Akande on Channels Television, the former governor of Bayelsa State and serving Senator highlighted the complicity of the official system and oil firms in profiting from this illicit activity.

“Why should a country like Nigeria which has been producing oil for the past 70 years not have a scientific way of metering, recording what leaves, what is pumped, what is sold and what is not sold? And it’s deliberate,” Dickson stated, emphasising the deliberate negligence in monitoring oil production and sales.

He further lamented the lack of national values that lead to the exploitation of the country’s resources for personal gain, pointing out the destructive consequences on communities, including the proliferation of illegal money, arms, and drugs, which fuel cultism and violence.

Dickson called for a global consensus to reject stolen crude oil from Nigeria, drawing a parallel to the condemnation of stolen blood diamonds. He urged authorities at all levels to demonstrate political resolve in putting an end to this dangerous trend.

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