Armed Forces Recover Stolen Oil Worth N2bn in S’ South, Rescue 73 Kidnap Hostages

Jumoke Olasunkanmi

The Nigerian armed forces said that it has successfully thwarted attempts by nefarious elements to steal oil worth over N2 billion in the South-South region of the country.

During the past week, military troops neutralized 254 insurgents and apprehended 264 suspects involved in various illicit activities ranging from oil theft to Kidnapping.

Additionally, 104 perpetrators of oil theft were arrested, and 73 kidnapped hostages were rescued whilst preventing the theft of an estimated sum of N2,602,902,800.00 worth of crude oil.

Furthermore, the military recovered a substantial arsenal of weapons and ammunition, including 378 assorted firearms and 4,705 rounds of ammunition. The recovered weaponry comprises various rifles, pistols, locally fabricated guns, and explosives, indicating a significant blow to the capabilities of criminal elements.

In addition to seizing weapons, troops in the Niger Delta area discovered and dismantled numerous illegal refining sites, including 131 dugout pits and 67 refining sites. They destroyed 70 boats, 125 storage tanks, and 12 vehicles used in illegal activities.

 The operation also led to the recovery of millions of litres of stolen crude oil and illegally refined petroleum products.

Major General Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, affirmed the military’s commitment to tackling security challenges and protecting citizens from harm. He emphasized the need for collective action, urging citizens to demonstrate love for their country amidst adversities.

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