JUST IN: Prices of Beer Jump, Nigerian Breweries Blames Increase on Importation Costs

The Nigerian Breweries Plc has raised the prices of its Stock-Keeping Units (STUs) due to increasing importation costs.

This was made known in a letter dated February 12 titled “Price review notification” by the Zonal Business Manager (West), Lekan Awosanya, who noted that the new prices will take effect on February 19th, 2024.

The letter states that Nigerian Breweries Plc is informing customers of a necessary price review for some of their products due to increasing input cost

However, they express gratitude for the partnership and assure customers that all open orders created before February 19, 2024, will be delivered at the current prices.

They also promise continued support for sales and distribution efforts. This is the second price review within six months.

In August 2023, the company announced the need to reevaluate prices due to multiple challenges faced by the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. This recent development in the beverage market could influence consumer buying decisions, potentially leading them to reduce their beer consumption or seek cheaper options.

Nigerian Breweries Plc is the largest brewing company in Nigeria. It serves the Nigerian market and West Africa.

The family of beverages generally referred to as “beer” has been brewed for centuries.

Beers are obtained by the yeast fermentation of malted cereal grains, to which hops and water have been added.

According to Healthline, too much beer raises your risk of many health issues, including depression, weight gain, and liver disease.

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