31 exco members pass confidence vote in Akeredolu


  • Two commissioners abstain
  • Return to Akure now, group tells governor

Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu yesterday got a vote of confidence from members of his Executive Council.

Thirty-one of them signed the document affirming their faith in his capacity to continue leading the state.

Two commissioners – Rasaq Obe (Energy, Mines and Mineral Resources) and Akinwumi Sowore (Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives) –  however, failed to endorse the document.

Governor Akeredolu is recuperating in Ibadan, where he is steering the affairs of the state, since his return from medical vacation in Germany on September 7.

His estranged Deputy Lucky Aiyedatiwa, who is facing charges of gross misconduct and likely impeachment by the House of Assembly is believed to be staying in Abuja.

Also yesterday, a Coalition of Civil Society Organisation for Democracy (CCSOD) complained about Akeredolu’s continued stay outside the state, asking him to either move to Akure, the state capital or handover to his deputy.

Members of the Executive Council, said they took the decision in support of Akeredolu’s policies and programmes encapsulated in the ‘Redeemed agenda.’

They said: “As Mr. Governor’s foot soldiers, we take immense pride in being under his leadership. Witnessing his dedication, sleepless nights, and commitment to protecting and serving the people of the state, despite numerous challenges in the past, is truly admirable. 

“His leadership embodies compassion, vision, and commitment to development, progress, and peace

 ”In Ondo State today, we are reaping the benefits of Mr. Governor’s courage. The Amotekun Corps, a product of Mr. Governor’s determination, has become a celebrated innovation in the security architecture of the state and the Southwest in general. Since security is the primary objective of any government, the existence of Amotekun is a testament to Governor Akeredolu’s visionary leadership.

 ”Popularly referred to as “Mr. Road” or “Mr. Infrastructure,” these appellations reflect the administration’s giant strides in infrastructural development. Since assuming office, Mr. Governor has demonstrated a clear passion and dedication to bridging infrastructural gaps in the state. 

“Over the past six years, significant growth and progress in infrastructural development have been recorded, including the construction of two unprecedented flyovers.

 ”Under the leadership of our amiable Governor, the government has taken a significant leap in the health sector. The construction of 250-bed ultra-modern teaching hospitals in Akure and Ondo respectively has reached an appreciable level. Mr. Governor has made substantial strides in the health sector, with the University of Medical Sciences in Ondo benefiting from the administration’s commitment to its development.

 ”Therefore, we unanimously declare our unflinching trust in Mr. Governor and endorse his impactful leadership. As a united front, we remain steadfast in our support for Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON, and pledge to continue working collaboratively towards the advancement and prosperity of the state. We express our gratitude to Mr. Governor for his selfless service and courageous leadership.”

But, the Commissioner for Energy, Mines and Mineral Resources, Obe  said in a statement that he would have signed if he had seen the document before he travelled to Lagos.

Sowore, who is Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives said a vote of confidence by his colleagues made no sense to him.

 He said: “ I’m not around in the state. The vote passed by the members of the cabinet in the state in a situation like this does not count, because in the first place, we are the appointees of Mr. Governor. We can’t even say that we don’t have confidence in him. Anybody that doesn’t have confidence in government have to resign. 

“By pushing a vote of confidence, as far as I’m concerned, does not make sense. We don’t have power to remove the governor as members of the cabinet.

“So, passing vote of confidence in the governor, in the first place, does not add anything to Mr. Governor. So, it is the work of those desperate politicians in the state to create crisis when there is no crisis.”

 Sowore added: “I don’t have any issue with the governor, and he is our governor in the state. In fact, they don’t allow the man to rest. There has been no exco meeting. The governor is far away in Ibadan and the deputy is embattled far away in Abuja. So, nobody to chair the executive council meeting in the state.

“Even if I’m around, I will not have signed because I’m supposed to tell them what they are supposed to do. No exco meeting had been held, except during the period the deputy governor was the acting governor. But since the governor had resumed duty on 7th September,  no exco meeting has been held.”

Group to Akeredolu: resume or transfer power to our deputy 

The Coalition of Civil Society Organisation for Democracy (CCSOD) advised Akeredolu to either resume office in Akure or hand over to his deputy.

Its Chief Convener,  Tunji Asaolu,  advised Akeredolu to prioritize the needs of the people.

 He argued that Ondo State cannot afford to be without effective leadership, urging the governor to rectify the situation.

 He frowned at attempts by political jobbers to sow discord between the governor and his deputy and  exploit the power vacuum for personal gain.

 Asaolu said: “We, however, think the governor’s protracted absence raises serious concerns about the functionality of governance, effective decision-making and administrative efficiency in our beloved state.

 ”The intent of the framers of our constitution in Sections 189,190 and 191 is to avoid any kind of vacuum. And these sections explicitly emphasise the necessity to avoid a vacuum in leadership. The prolonged absence of the governor creates a governance vacuum, thereby impeding the effective administration of Ondo State.”

 ”Equally distressing is the apparent political interference by some persons not elected by the good people of Ondo state, preventing the Deputy Governor from fully discharging his constitutional duties in the absence of Governor Akeredolu. The people know their Governor and his Deputy, not a group of cabal or individuals constituting into “cabal.”

 ”We remind all stakeholders that the constitution empowers the deputy governor to act in the governor’s absence. The political manoeuvring preventing this is a violation of the very principles that underpin our democratic system. Ondo State deserves strong and unwavering leadership, especially in challenging times.

 “Therefore, we call on all relevant authorities to urgently address this matter and ensure the seamless transition of governance to the Ondo Deputy Governor, by the provisions of the Constitution.

 ”The people of Ondo state deserve transparent and accountable leadership, and we will not stand idly by while political machinations jeopardize the well-being of this noble and well-respected state.”


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