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Philips will keep on delivering hospital equipment to Russia



Amsterdam — Dutch health technology company Philips will continue to deliver hospital equipment to Russia, despite its war on Ukraine, CEO Roy Jakobs said on Tuesday.

“The right to healthcare is universal, and we are part of the system delivering healthcare,” Jakobs said at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Amsterdam.

“We do this in Russia, as we do in Ukraine.”

Jakobs said Philips’ activities in Russia centred on the maintenance and delivery of hospital equipment such as large medical scanners, while it has stopped the sale of its personal healthcare products there — except for maternal care products.

The Russian activities are not profitable, he added.

In 2022, Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, included Philips in a group of 50 large international companies he accused of making “blood profits” by remaining active in Russia.

“International companies that remain working in Russia are directly funding Russia’s war crimes,” Kuleba said in a post on Twitter in November 2022.

At the shareholders’ meeting, Dutch shareholders association VEB urged Philips to end its activities in Russia.

“It is impossible to remain neutral in this conflict,’ its director, Gerben Everts, said. 



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