Our Two Kobo podcast: Does African parenting result in generational trauma?


This episode is about how African parenting styles are sometimes linked to children who grow up to become adults that battle with mental health issues.

From one generation to the other, certain parenting styles, said to be grounded in practices among African parents, expose children to physical and verbal abuse, identity crisis, peer comparison, role delineation and forced choices.

These children sometimes grow up to become adults who are traumatised, and unconsciously raise their children in the same manner, leading to a generation of traumatised people.

Jam Jam and The Honourable are joined by Dr Maymunah Kadiri, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist; and Matthew Femi-Adedoyin, a family life coach, to discuss how African parents can better raise their children, and how adults who are living with mental health issues as a result of how they were raised, can manage trauma.

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