Covid-19 closes Taboo Night Club!


Taboo Night Club in Sandton has closed.

Taboo Night Club in Sandton has closed.

JOBURG groovists have been hit with a heavy blow.

Taboo Night Club in Sandton, north of Joburg, which has been one of the city’s biggest nightclubs for 19 years, has closed.

This comes after founder Chris Coutroulis died in November following a long illness. An insider told Daily Sun the club started struggling after Chris’ death.

“Obviously, the club closed when Covid-19 started but when the lockdown levels dropped, it never opened. It only opened once earlier this year. Chris was the pillar of the business.

“Once he passed on, his brother Yanni had to take over the business. However, Yanni is not a businessman, he’s a barman.”

Another source said no one could run the club like Chris did.

“We knew Chris was sick for years. He had cancer. We were hoping he wouldn’t die soon but when he did, the problems started,” said the source.

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“He used to take care of so many people, especially the girls who hosted at his club.

“When he died, people moved away from it because he was the reason they were there.”

Yanni confirmed to the SunTeam that the club has closed.

“Unfortunately, it was due to the Covid-19 pressure. It became quite heavy on the business. It’s unfortunate because it’s been thriving for 19 years. We all have great memories of it. It’s sad for all of us. Someone is taking over the club but it won’t be under the same name,” he said.

Another source said the club would be taken over by Perry Mermigas and Michael Pashiou.

Confirming the news, Perry said: “I was part of Taboo for 15 years before Chris died and after he died, I left. Now that Chris’ brother has sold it, we have taken it over. We will do a full revamp and change the name. We will launch in February and bring something bigger to Joburg.”


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