Time to disempower Covid-19 command council, says union


Solidarity argues that lifting the state of disaster does not imply the virus has disappeared; rather that the events that justified an initial lockdown no longer exist.

“It is not about whether we are done with the virus or that the virus has disappeared. If that has to be the criterion then we will forever be subject to a command council with few checks and balances to regulate it.

“The point is that Covid-19 has become manageable without such drastic measures. All indications point to the disease being endemic. The virus will be with us for a long time, but the disaster is over. To cling stubbornly to the state of disaster will be disastrous in itself,” said Hermann.

According to Solidarity, the act does not provide for preventive action. It can only be used to manage a threatening active disaster.

A continuation of the state of disaster, based on the principle that there may be another wave in the future is not valid, he said.

“It is time to end the command council, to empower people to take their own decisions and stop the disruptive uncertainty crippling our economy.”



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