It is safe to conceive six months after CS delivery –Gynaecologist


Amarachi Okeh

A Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr. Olufemi Samuel, has said that women who gave birth through caesarean section can safely get pregnant six months after delivery.

Samuel, who is also the Executive Secretary of the Ondo State branch of the Nigerian Medical Association, dismissed the notion that women who gave birth through CS must wait for two years before conceiving again, noting that such an assumption has no scientific backing.

Speaking with PUNCH HealthWise in an interview, Samuel said, “People say that when you give birth through CS, you should wait for two years before conceiving. No, it’s not true.

“Two years is OK but it is not a must. All things being equal after six months of delivery, you can get pregnant.”

He explained that mothers who give birth through CS are normally discharged within three days after birth while the wounds from CS sessions typically heal between two weeks to one month if it was normal CS.

Samuel allayed the fears of such mothers by stating that it is not risky to get pregnant six months after a CS delivery if all parameters are ok.

He, however, noted that “The special concern about the health of the mothers is that when you get pregnant the growing foetus tends to use up the nutrients in your body so after they use up the whole nutrients, if you are getting pregnant, you should give time for your body to recover from the stress, to recoup the nutrients that have been lost before getting pregnant again.”

The maternal health expert, however, added that the nutritional state of a woman and finances could also be considered before getting pregnant in such a short time.

He also said, “if the birth interval is close, the woman will have a concern of taking care of two little babies at the same time which is stressful.”

Samuel also stated that a woman who has given birth through CS may be eligible to give birth via vaginal birth in her next pregnancy if she conceives six months after CS.

He, however, urged women to always discuss with their obstetricians and gynaecologists who are trained to know if all parameters are ok.

He said, “Studies have shown that if the inter-pregnancy interval is more than six months, (that is when the end of one pregnancy to another one is six months) there is a possibility of the woman having a vaginal delivery if other parameters are ok.

“Someone that has given birth through CS, can deliver through vaginal birth if she conceives more than six months after giving birth.”

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