Stop industrial pollution, group tells govt


Daud Olatunji

A cancer foundation has urged the government to put preventive measures on industrial pollution to reduce the high rate of cancer cases in the country.

The foundation also enjoined the government to provide medical centres and personnel to take care of cancer patients in the country.

Founder of Ellen Adeyinka Anjorin Cancer Foundation, Dr. Olusegun Anjorin said this in a statement made at the 3rd annual memorial cancer awareness lecture.

The foundation which focuses on providing help to cancer patients was named after Mrs. Ellen Anjorin who died of cancer.

The husband, Olusegun Anjorin who spoke on the theme ‘Cancer treatment: The role of surgery’ and the ‘Postoperative Enterocutaneous Fistula,’ stated that lack of awareness contributes to the reasons people died of cancer.

He stressed that industrial pollution should be put into check to save the lives of cancer patients.

He said, “suffice therefore is to postulate that health equity can be achieved through education about cancer prevention; engineering a health care workforce with relevant skills and rational knowledge about how inequality affects cancer care; and implementing workable strategies in local communities.

“Our government should look into industrial waste management especially in major cities of Nigeria because of the increase in the rate of industrialisation.”

The doctor further advised personnel connected to cancer patients to exercise patience and see the treatment of cancer patients as a service to humanity.

He added, “We encourage cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers, relations of patients receiving treatment, and all those who are working in the cancer space to attend and listen attentively in order to benefit. It is a plus to introduce a self-check screening talk and demonstration on breast and prostate cancer today.

“This year we are also recognising both individuals and corporate bodies (cancer foundations) that have been supporting us and also contributing to the cancer space. The award is to encourage them to do more for humanity.”

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