Breastfeeding essentials: The items you need to breastfeed successfully


Breastfeeding is one of the most important things a mother can do for her baby. Not only does it provide nutrients and immunities that are essential for a baby’s development, but it also helps to bond mother and child. However, breastfeeding can be a challenge, especially for new mothers.

As a new mum, one of the most important things you can do is ensure you have the essentials for breastfeeding.

From comfortable bras to soothing creams, these items will help make breastfeeding more manageable and comfortable for you and your baby.

While it is not a must to have all of these things, they definitely make life a lot easier.

A nursing pillow

A good nursing pillow provides much-needed support for both baby and mom. For example, a nursing pillow can help position the baby at the correct height for latching, reducing strain on the mom’s back and neck.

Additionally, a nursing pillow can provide a comfortable place for baby to rest their head while feeding, helping to prevent tummy upset. 

Many nursing pillows are also multi-use, serving as a prop for tummy time or sitting up and providing extra support when holding your baby in your arms.

Nursing pillows are typically made from soft fabric and can be easily machine-washed.

A good nursing bra

A comfortable and supportive nursing bra is essential for any breastfeeding mother. It will help to support your breasts and make it easier to breastfeed. Additionally, a nursing bra can make it easier to pump milk, as it will hold the flanges in place.

Breast pump

A breast pump is essential for breastfeeding moms. It helps to stimulate milk production, encourages let-downs, and prevents engorgement. A breast pump can also be used to express milk for storage, relieve discomfort when the baby is sleeping, or if you are returning to work. While you can certainly breastfeed without a pump, having one on hand gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to know you have a backup plan. 

Nursing pads

Nursing pads are one of the essential items for any breastfeeding mum. They help to absorb leaked milk and keep your clothing dry. Moisture can lead to irritation and even infection, so keeping the area clean and dry is important.

Nursing pads provide a layer of protection against friction. When your nipples constantly rub against your clothing, it can cause chafing and irritation.

Nursing pads create a barrier between your skin and your clothing, minimising friction and keeping your nipples healthy. Lastly, nursing pads can boost your confidence.

Nursing chair or stool

A comfortable place to sit while breastfeeding is essential. Not only will it make the experience more pleasant for you, but it will also help the baby to latch on correctly. In addition, a nursing chair or stool can help improve your posture and prevent back pain.

Nipple cream

One of the most common issues faced by breastfeeding mothers is sore and cracked nipples.

This can make nursing incredibly painful, and it can even lead to nipple trauma and bleeding. Nipple cream can help to soothe existing damage and prevent further cracking.

Ensure that your nipple cream is safe to use while breastfeeding. Look for a cream free of fragrances, dyes, and other potential irritants. Additionally, you want a cream that will provide long-lasting relief.

Milk bottles and storage bags

Along with a good breast pump, you will want to buy milk bottles and storage bags for breast milk. Milk bottles will help when you need to supplement with formula or when you get back to work and pump milk. Storage bags are great for freezing breastmilk for later use.


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