Ondo doctors, health workers worst hit by brain drain in South-West: NMA


Doctors in Ondo state as well as health workers are the most affected by brain drain of medical professionals in the South-West, says the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).

Chairman of the Ondo chapter of the Association, Stella Adegbehingbe, said doctors and other healthcare professionals had been quitting the state in record numbers due to unfavourable working conditions.

Mrs Adegbehingbe stated this at a news conference to herald the Annual General Meeting of the association in Akure; lamenting that irregular payment of salary had been one of the major factors contributing to the brain drain issue.

“The issue of brain drain is something that is very massive and it is not only in Ondo State.

“Though, Ondo State is the worst in the South-West region and the national and the state body, we have been on it in engaging the government.

“We could recall that at the beginning of my assumption in office there were several strikes because of the issue of salary.

“And that was our appeal at the beginning that government should at least look for a way in addressing the health sector issues because once they start leaving it would be difficult to get them back.

“So, we have been engaging them, we wrote several letters and that has led to the exodus of doctors and they are still leaving and not only doctors alone, health workers generally.”

She said the only solution was the regular payment of salary.

“Colleagues are complaining bitterly, every morning I do receive calls on this and after they have made the complaints they will say ‘Chairman I can’t wait again, I’m leaving’ and that is the main cause,” she said.

Mrs Adegbehingbe said that doctors are turning down the state government offer of employment because of irregular payment of salary.



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