Make sure your international trip is hassle-free with travel insurance


Travellers planning trips they’ve been dreaming of for two years can be assured of the travel insurance options now available to them. These options include cancelling or cutting their journey short when a government places restrictions on travel or they need to change their travel plans. 

“This is an optional cover that is becoming popular as it covers eventualities that may occur that are typically excluded from standard cancellation cover,” says Linah Mabena, head of operation at Standard Bank Insurance. 

Travellers who want to protect themselves against Covid-related and other changes to their plans, need to buy their additional cover options within 24 hours of making the first payment against their travel booking to ensure they are compensated against the cancellation benefit.  

“The insured traveller will be able to claim against their policy when a government restricts all or any travel to and from SA.  If a traveller falls ill before their insured journey and a medical practitioner deems them medically unfit to travel after buying their travel insurance policy, they will receive their cancellation benefit.”

Cover against Covid-related challenges

The travel industry re-evaluated its cancellation policies during the pandemic, but this does not extend to trips that are not refundable and eventualities such as testing positive for Covid-19. 

“The right insurance option will ensure that travellers don’t have to be concerned about getting medical care or being airlifted from remote travel destinations if they test positive for Covid-19 while on holiday in a foreign country,” says Mabena.

Covid-related expenses that are covered under Standard Bank’s optional benefits include emergency medical expenses when travellers test positive on an international journey.

This includes medical evacuation, transport to medical centres, return travel to SA and return travel of stranded children or travel companions. It also covers unfortunate needs such as burial, cremation or the return of mortal remains. 


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