Evacuate decaying headless bodies from our community, Anambra residents tell govt


Amarachi Okeh

Residents of the Ulasi-Okija area of Anambra State have lamented the presence of two decomposing headless bodies in their community.

The residents said they had woken up sometime in June to find the unidentified corpses in their community.

They lamented that almost one month after the corpses were dumped by unknown persons at the Ulasi-Okija bridge, close to an area called the post, they are yet to be removed by the government.

Speaking with our correspondent, the residents stated that the two decomposing bodies are becoming a public health hazard to people in the community.

They also noted that since the bodies were dumped in June, many people in the community no longer ply the popular route to avoid the stinking headless bodies.

Our correspondent also found out that even public transport companies avoid plying the otherwise shorter route. Their drivers now prefer to take the longer alternative route to avoid the sight and stench of the now decomposing bodies.

One of the residents in the affected community, who identified himself simply as Chinonso, said he was shocked to see the bodies on the first day, adding that after hearing that their heads had been cut off, he no longer plies that route.

He begged the government to come to their rescue, adding that the people in the community are worried the bodies might be those of victims of money rituals.

Chinonsoe also lamented that the stench of the decomposing bodies has become a source of concern to residents, noting that many people in the community see them as a potential threat to public health.

Chinonso, a mechanic speaking further with PUNCH HealthWise, said, “The smell oozing from the dead bodies doesn’t make me happy. I don’t like it.

“The first day I saw it I was very shocked and since then I don’t go through that road because it is a human being like me.

“Even if I want to buy fuel, going through there would have been the closest route but I don’t go through there anymore.

“The government needs to come and remove these corpses. Since I heard they cut off their heads, I don’t want to use my eyes to see it.”

He added that on the first day the corpses were mysteriously deposited on the busy road, “they were clothed and their heads were intact then I started hearing that they cut off their heads and penises. Since then, I have never gone through that road.”

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told our correspondent that the presence of the bodies was a problem in the community due to the odour oozing out from them. 

He added that as their heads have been cut off, it has become impossible to identify who the victims are.

Also speaking with our correspondent, Fr. Cyril Nwofor, the parish priest of St Jude’s Catholic Church Ubahu, Okija, expressed sadness over the continued presence of the bodies in the community, noting that they can constitute a health hazard to the residents in the area.

He urged relevant authorities to “make a move” and ensure that the bodies are disposed of as soon as possible.

Fr. Nwofor said, “The leaders of this land and the cabinet should make a move. The people around there should not die because of the decomposing bodies of people dumped there.

“I don’t know how people living around there would be feeling since that thing happened. The leaders of this land should do something. They should not just allow this kind of thing to happen. 

“My concern is that those corpses should not be there.”

However, when our correspondent contacted the Anambra State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Afam Obidike, he explained that he was yet to be made aware of the presence of the bodies.

He, however, asked our correspondent to share the location of the bodies, noting that a relevant agency could be mobilised to remove them.

Our correspondent also reached out to the Anambra State Police Force to know what the police were doing to identify the headless bodies.

The Anambra State PPRO, DSP. Ikenganyia Tochukwu in a text message response to our correspondent said, “There is no such information about headless corpses.”

He urged witnesses of the incident to come forward and help with information for proper investigations. He also added that persons with useful information about the bodies could contact the command control room on 07039194332.

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