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Coffee is darkly coloured, bitter, and slightly acidic and it has a stimulating effect in humans, mainly due to its caffeine content while coffee brewing has been around for generations broadly enjoyed all over the world and enjoyed in many homes. Ingredients Cup of Ice Coffee Cream or Milk Sugar or Sweetener of your choice…

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Every skincare enthusiast knows that skincare can either be a 7-step or 20-step process done twice a day, morning and night.  And while this process is vital for clear, flawless skin, too much of everything can be a problem sometimes. So on those days, you wonder if your skin needs some time off, it might…

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The Gregorian calendar used across the globe is believed to be the most extensively relied on civil calendar. Several countries whether Christian or not, all over the world have adopted this civil calendar regardless of its strong association with the Catholic Church. However, there are countries which have their own calendars for civil reasons. These…

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Habits form the basis on which man builds and protects his health status. The frequent intake of water or alcohol, and the meat frenzy such as the mummy’s pot treasure-hunts, are dependent on habit formation. Social media in a global community holds strong weight in influencing habits. Yoga and pilates would have never gotten super…

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The ever-eventful world of fashion and lifestyle is one that serves as a beacon to creatives the world over and the most interesting and perhaps significant thing about this is seeing how each person interprets fashion in their own way. A fascinating new player in this vast field is Femi Taylor, a fashion and lifestyle…


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