How to improve your self worth


Your self worth as an individual goes a long way to determine who you become in life. It is seen in every aspect of your life ranging from your dressing,  association, choices, achievements, social circle, career and so on.   

It is all about having confidence in yourself and abilities. It emanates from your inner being, thus its importance. Oftentimes, it has been confused with self-esteem, which relies on external factors such as successes and achievements.  

While some individuals have a low self worth some others have a high self worth. We discuss in this article are ways you can improve your self worth.  


1. Love yourself   

To improve on your worth as a person, you must love yourself unconditionally. No one can love you more than you do and understanding this will save you the headache of seeking for self  love and  happiness from others. When you love yourself regardless of your flaws or weaknesses, your self worth increases.  


2. Self-confidence  

Another way to improve your self worth is to have self-confidence. You need to be confident of your person and your abilities. Do all you can within your abilities with your shoulders high and your heads up. Do not allow the opinion or words of others reduce your self-confidence. When you are confident about your abilities, it becomes easier for others to believe in you because people will only see you in the light of how you see yourself.  

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3. Believe in yourself  

No one will ever believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. A lot of people have lost their self worth because they do not believe in themselves. They are always looking for means to get others to believe in them. You have to be your number one fan. When you learn to believe in yourself, you improve your self worth unconsciously.   


4. Never under-rate yourself   

Regardless of your history of failure, you should never underrate yourself. Your past failures should not be enough reason for you to feel you can never amount to something great in life. Believe that there is a giant in you that the people need to see. Always tell yourself that you are made for more regardless of your present situation. The sky is always the starting point for those who never underestimate themselves.   


5. Never compare yourself to others  

You destroy your self worth as a person when you begin to compare yourself to others. Some parents or guardians  have unknowingly destroyed the self worth of their kids because of comparison.   

Every individual is unique and there can never be a second version of you. No one can be you and you can never become another person. Stop comparing yourself with others and see your self worth improve drastically.   


6. Avoid inferiority complex

The moment you begin to feel that some people are better than you or that regardless of what you do, you can never be as good as certain individuals then you’re killing your self worth gradually.  

Never see yourself as being weak or as an individual with inferiority complex.   

The top is not for people battling with inferiority complex but for the confident ones.  

In cases or situations  where you begin to feel inferior, recall your strengths, achievements or things you  have done or achieved that an average person out there can’t achieve. Then leverage on this for your confidence.   

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7. Be with people of like minds  

It has been said that you are who you are because of the books you read, the friends you keep. It has also been said that birds of a feather flock together.  To improve your self worth, you need to check those who you call your friends or your circle of influence. Ask yourself the following questions:  

  1. Am I with the right set of people?  
  2. What are my criteria before choosing friends?  
  3. Have these persons added to me in any positive way?  
  4. Are they people that encourage me or discourage me?  
  5. Are they mediocre or goal getters?  
  6. How has my association with them influenced my life?  

These are questions to ask yourself and sincerely give answers to. Doing this will help determine if you need a change of association or you are the one who has not been maximising the qualities of the people in your life.   


Having a high self worth is expedient in life as you do not want to end up an onlooker in life while others are making great feats. You are the sole determiner of your self worth and the earlier you begin to see the need to improve your self worth the better for you.  

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