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FineDope, like every diamond startup out there, kicked off with an idea shared among two futuristic, creative, and hardworking individuals named Favour Chinedu Chukwuedu Ikemefuna, now mostly referred to as Favi (Gidi Boy) and Oghomwenomase Victory Osaivbie, often referred to as OVO.

The label outfit FIneDope, with its remarkable success, has risen to become one of the brands to reckon with in recent times and have made such a great presence in the entertaining sphere of the country.

Favi with OVO

With their rapid growth and progressive coverage, their story is an inspiring one.

While being undergraduates and finding their way through the walls of the University of Benin, these duo mapped out the details, goals, cast and representation of what they saw as their dream. They were determined to ride through, chasing every goal with it, knowing no limit could stop them.

In a chat with the Content Manager of FineDope, OVO, he shared insight on how it all started in 2018, inspired by his interest and love for the entertainment industry and the drive to make it better than it already is.

Favi pitched the idea to him, he grew interested and was presented with the offer to be president and also co-own it. Having known Favi in 2017, they didn’t become close pals until 2018.

“Favi was the brain and founder of this idea, his trust towards willingness to let me co-own and pilot the affairs of the group gave a better boost to how much of a person Favi was at that point,” OVO said.

FineDope became a thing quite fast as people started showing interest in being part of the group and making a difference.

Creating and curating content, photoshoots and detailing the path of what they had to build was essential, and that has not changed to date as the workload keeps increasing while they keep making a difference daily.

FineDope, with several years past, has not only become one of the most formidable entertainment group in the South-South. They have also engineered their path by enabling the most respected talents, putting out material-worthy projects, currently making significant waves on the internet.

With Favi springing off as lead artiste from the camp, creative manager and co-founder, Finedope, Oghomwenomase Victory Osaivbie, OVO saw the need for growth and diversification and hence the birth of a management brand, Pride Of The South (P. O. T. S.) overseeing the needs of FineDope.

The two hardworking talents have been able to make do with the little they had. From the city of Benin, in their hostel in Ekosodin, building one of the most formidable entertainment brands while also showing they have no signs of making a stop as they keep it going. The management asked people to check Finedope on Instagram to get updates on its the affairs.


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