A date with the Matrix Gym …Africa’s largest fitness centre, inside Legon City Mall


Overlooking Ghana’s premier University of Ghana, from East of Legon, is an imposing edifice.

In the building is perhaps, Africa’s largest one-stop shop state-of-the-art gym. Atop the building is an open space astro turf suitable for a 5-aside football game. Yes, it is so amazing to have a football pitch on top of a building!

Keep-fitters were held spell-bound when the Matrix Gym was opened for public use after participants undertook a 5.4 kilometre walk dubbed “Matrix Gym Family Walk with Dad” in honour of Fathers from the Mall through the University of Ghana Village to Okponglo Traffic Light to Okponglo Junction back and back to the Mall.

The Gym has a well-trained group of instructors to take you through the wide range of keep fit equipment and machines to enhance your physique, keep you healthy and fit all the time to increase your productivity level.

“Per square space, we have the largest Gym in Africa, fitted with modern fitness and body building machines. It’s one stop shop for your health needs,” Sebastian Avadu, one of the Gym instructors said.

“Our Gym offers patrons conducive environment to exercise and keep fit. We are here to accommodate individuals and corporate bodies and offer them the best of service to keep fit and healthy,” he added.

Explaining further on the need for such a Gym and benefits of using its facilities, Mr Avadu said “our body is the longest place anybody can stay in their whole lives; we should see the body as priority and keep it healthy and fit for the rest of our lives and benefit immensely from the gift of God.”

Among the exercising and fitness equipment in the ultra-modern Matrix Gym are treadmill, stationery bike, rowing machines ideal for cardiovascular fitness exercise, low impact stationery bike to get  the heart rate elevated, pull-up frames for upper body building and host of other accessories.

The facility has been genderised, with special room solely for women to exercise at their own pace and privacy. 

The Matrix Gym also has complementary leisure room for winding down after the exercise to relax the body. Added to the facility is a well-equipped food supplement shop for all the dietary taste to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Giving an impression about the Matrix Gym, Imam Sa-id Muktar Abubakar, who participated in the walk and had the feel of the Gym with his football academy and students, remarked:”I have never seen such an ultra-modern Gym, with Astro field atop a mall, and a segment for women to exercise at their privacy.”

He was full of praise for Alhaji Gibrine Adam “for his vision and foresight to invest and incorporate a modern Gym in Mall, as one-stop shop for healthy living.”

“Our brother Alhaji Adams, the CEO of Legon Mall has set a pace, as a Muslim, we don’t only build Mosques but a Gym as well for recreation to keep a healthy body.

“The Gym is very amazing, especially with the state-of-the-art-equipment making exercising very enjoyable in a conducive environment,” Azara Abubakar, who had a feel of the Gym, gave her impression in an interview.

“The Gym is super; this is a world class Gym by all standards. It is a one-stop shop and you don’t need to go anywhere. You have everything in the Gym to exercise with,” says Nathaniel Pomeyie, a banker who took time at the weekend, to keep fit in the Gym.

“The Gym offers me the opportunity to reshape and get fit. It is necessary to engage in such work out in the Gym, after a whole week of work stress, to reshape the body and prepare for higher productive working days.”

The Matrix Gym is not only a place to go and exercise, it is also a place to meet new people, and build network of friendship.

Indeed, the Matrix Gym is a value added to Ghana’s regenerative healthcare delivery system in a quest to maintain a healthy population for greater productivity. It is place to visit; a sure bet to keep healthy and fit all the time.



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