First time travellers rise in number boosting airline industry post covid recovery


By Milton Were

Fly 748 airline has projected positive prospects for the airline industry in 2022 despite the tough operating environment fuelled by the Ukraine war, COVID-19 and the general election politics.

According to the airline, the pent-up demand for air travel since the government eased COVID-19 restrictions has helped the sector in managing higher operating costs caused by increased fuel prices, inflation, higher tax on spare parts and fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

According to Fly 748 Managing Director Moses Mwangi more people are taking advantage of airfare discounts and bundled travel accommodation packages to fulfill a long held desire especially for first time air travelers.

A sustained efficiency in operations, a track record of safety, reliability and an overall strategy of demystifying flying in Kenya through competitively priced air fares have resonated with Kenyans such that Fly 748 has been nominated as one of the best domestic airline of the year by the Africa Mashariki Transport Awards (AMT).

On his part Fly 748 Chairman, Ahmed Jibril added that they are currently impressed by the growing number of first time travelers and those building a strong loyalty to the 748 brand.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts net losses in Africa’s Aviation sector to be 0.7 billion dollars in 2022 on rising passenger numbers- Demand (RPKs) is expected to reach 72 percent of pre-crisis (2019) levels, and capacity to reach 75.2 percent.


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