Scent leaf dey clean kidney?


One post wey pipu share for Facebook and Whatsapp claim sey scent leaf dey clean kidney without pain.

“As years dey pass, our kidney dey clean blood, comot salt, poison and anything wey dey spoil our body,” na so one old post wey dem share for Facebook tok. 

Di post claim sey as time dey pass, salt dey gada for kidney, na why pipu suppose clean am.

To clean am well, di post tell social media users sey make dem dey boil scent leaf, come filter am drink for tea.

“Drink one cup everyday, you go see say all the salt and poison wey gada for your kidney go comot as you dey piss. Na di ogbonge cleaning treatment for kidney be dis, and e dey natural,” na so di post explain.

Di name wey science pipu give di scent leaf na Ocimum gratissimum. Di oda oyibo name na wild basil or tree basil.

For yoruba, di name na Ewe Efinrin, for Igbo na Nchuanwu in Igbo, and for Hausa na Daidoya.

As dem post am for Whatsapp, di post even advise pipu make dem share am reach dia friends and family.

Kidney na one of di most important tins for body. Di shape dey like beans and e dey two places by di side of di spine, under di ribs.

Di kidney work na to clean blood, comot dotty and to control water for body.

Wetin we check

TheCable follow pipu wey bi ogbonge for medicine tok, to check weda scent leaf dey clean kidney.

Theophilus Umeizudike, nephrologist for di Lagos State University Teaching Hospital tok sey, “science no support say scent leaves fit clean kidney”. 

He advise Nigerians sey make dey shine eye for social media, especially if no be from ogbonge source.

“As pipu dey read tins online, make dem sure say na from place wey get beta name. Make dem confam say science support di medicine,”  na so im tok.

Caring for di kidney

TheCable still folo Awofeso Opeyemi, research fellow for di Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for Massachusetts, USA, tok.

She sey notin dey like dat for science wey gree for scent leaf as kidney cleaning treatment. 

“Kidney health no need plenti tin, just dey drink water. Di way our body dey, if pesin dey drink enof water (12 cups for adult), e go hard to catch kidney disease. You no need add anything,” na so she tok.

According to Awofeso, make di kidney for dey work well, pesin go dey put only small salt for food, drink plent water, and treat hypertension early.

She tok say if person no treat hypertension quick, kidney fit spoil.

“Hypertension na for life, if you dey take di medicine wey doctor give you everyday, your kidney go dey ok, if not ,dem fit comot am,” na so she tok.

“Make I tell you somtin, hypertension no dey give symptoms quick, na till kidney spoil. 

Sometimes, some pipu for dia 20s or 30s go meet doctor, doctor go tell dem say dem get hypertension come give dem drugs. After small time dem go stop to dey take di medicine because dem tink say dem don well. Na later wen dem old na im wahala go start.”

Final tok

Di claim wey tok say scent leaf dey clean kidney no be true. Science no tok anytin like dat.


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