BREAKING: Hyena Escaped from Jos’ Wildlife Park Captured after 2-day Chase, Panic

A hyena that escaped from a government wildlife Park in Jos, Plateau state on Sunday, has been captured, officials have said on Tuesday.

Its capture followed a two-day chase after it escaped from a wildlife park in northcentral Plateau State — home to nearly 1 million people.

The hyena escaped from state-owned Jos Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Jos — the capital of the state, triggering panic among residents.

Jos Wildlife Park is a popular tourist destination in the state.

Residents near the park fled their homes and shops when they sighted the hyena running aimlessly on the street adjacent to the park.

A park official told Anadolu that the hyena was captured with the help of residents.

“The animal escaped around 2 a.m. (local time) on Sunday after the channeling of its cage broke due to heavy winds,” said the official.

He said authorities deployed drones and human capital in the search for the animal.

“But we found the hyena due to help from the local people,” said the official, who did not disclose his name.

Chuwang Pwajok, who is head of the Plateau State Tourism Corporation, said: “After relentless search and rescue efforts, the missing hyena has finally been found, tranquilized, captured and safely returned to its enclosure.”

Pwajok commended residents for their cooperation amid anxiety created by the hyena.

Sunday Gwang, a resident of Jos who lives 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the park, said he feared the hyena could attack children playing football in a nearby primary school.

“My fear has disappeared now that the zoological workers have captured it,” he told Anadolu. (Anadolu Agency, additional report)

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