Citizens’ Data Intact, NIMC Reassures, Debunks Report on Website Compromise

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has debunked false claims suggesting that the personal data of Nigerian citizens has been exposed to phishing websites.


In a statement released on Saturday by the head of communication at NIMC, Mr Kayode Adegoke reassured the public that all data stored by the commission remains secure and has not been compromised.

NIMC specifically identified several websites such as, in,,, and as unauthorized data harvesters.


The commission stressed that these websites are not affiliated with NIMC and cautioned citizens against providing any personal information on these platforms.


The commission while urging the public to exercise caution when consuming information online and to rely on verified sources for accurate updates, highlighted its adherence to the Information Security Management System Standard, ISO 27001:2013, which ensures that citizens’ data is protected from cyber threats.

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