Adamawa Police to Arrest 18-Year-Old Suspect for Friend’s Death

The Adamawa Police Command has announced its intention to apprehend an 18-year-old suspect following a fatal stabbing during a dispute with a friend.

The command shared this information in a statement posted on its official social media account on Sunday.

According to the statement, both individuals involved in the altercation were taken to the hospital after a knife fight, resulting in the death of one of them. The command expressed regret over the impulsive nature of the incident, stating, “An impatient attitude is regrettable.”

The suspect, Usman Umar, is currently receiving treatment at a hospital for severe injuries sustained during the altercation. Despite his condition, the police are prepared to arrest him for the offense of culpable homicide, the command disclosed.

The command’s spokesperson, SP Suleiman Nguroje, emphasised that the incident is under investigation, with further details to be provided. He urged the public to refrain from engaging in violent behavior, stating, “Stop fighting amongst yourselves and be patient.”

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