By Professor Echefuna’ R G ONYEBEADI


The indefatigable defender of the down trodden, a veritable conscience of our country- Nigeria, an undisputed voice of the voiceless, a major propagator of Nigeria’s emergence as the leader of the “Black” people of this world, an unequalled advocate of Nigeria emerging as a super power, a charismatic emancipator, a core Igbo man but yet a true and highly committed detribalized patriotic Nigerian nationalist, the Akintolugboye of Egba Land, the Garkuwan Fika, the Okwadike Ndigbo Nine, Nna Anyin, Enyim Oma, my very beloved Okwadike, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife CON, words will fail me to express the impact of your transition to glory!

A self-made man under God Almighty, a fearless advocate of the best for Nigeria and the Black race as a  whole, a very bold and highly courageous persona with inestimable stamina that says truth to powers that be, a constant and consistent believer in the emancipation of our country Nigeria, a man of the people, a man of many parts, a very distinguished motivator, an outstanding mentor, an unrepentant peace maker, a highly gifted bridge builder across the country Nigeria, a genuine reconciliatory leader, a father to many, an epitome of simplicity, an embodiment of humility, again, Your Excellency, Okwadike Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife CON, words have failed me to describe the deep void your departure to be with your Creator has created!

You weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but by your determination and unquantifiable hard work to make it in life and make a difference, you walked your way all through the contours of obscurity to a very enviable limelight!

You were an uncommon civil and public servant. You rose to become a very meritorious Federal Super Permanent Secretary and then went on to become the first elected executive Governor of the old Anambra State. You had a checkered trail of excellence in all and unbroken records of excellent leadership by example!

Okwadike Ndigbo Gburugburu, you were indeed a motivational trailblazer, a visible colossus, a courageous pathfinder, very punchy in your advocacy for inclusive governance in Nigeria and yet as harmless as a dove.

As your name is, so you were! You were indeed Pius and a shining light to many! God Almighty did wondrous things in and through you! No wonder you are Chukwuemeka! You were indeed a wondrous gift of the inestimable God Almighty!

It may not be said that you were a rich man in a typical Nigerian setting given your exposure and high offices you have had the privilege to hold in your life time; but, certainly you were a very wealthy person in terms of sacrificial services to humanity, commitments to the ideals, in humility, in simplicity and open doors policy among so many others.

Okwadike Ndigbo Gburugburu, you have fought a good fight for humanity. You have run your race with clear conscience.

Let the crown of glory be rightly fitted on your head in heavenly places forever!

Okwadike, our mutual camaraderie shall forever remain evergreen.

Your sole franchise of calling me “Professor Igwe” is forever irreplaceable!

Ndigbo Gburugburu will miss you.

Eminent Elders Forum will miss you.

NIGERIA will miss you.

Humanity in general will surely miss you.

Rest in peace in the bosom of the Most High Lord God Almighty.

Professor Echefuna’ R G ONYEBEADI Writes this tribute from Abuja

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