Nigerian Cosmetic Surgeon in UK Faces Professional Trial in Botox-for-Sex Scandal

Later this month, Oluwafemi ‘Tijion’ Esho, a highly regarded Nigerian-born cosmetic surgeon practicing in the UK, will face a decisive verdict from the British Medical Tribunal Practitioners Service (MPTS) regarding his professional future.

The allegations stem from reports that Esho exchanged free botox treatments for sexual favours with a patient.

Botox injections, used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles, serve as an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

According to sources, Esho confirmed the existence of an inappropriate emotional relationship with the patient, who happens to be a model for the platform OnlyFans.

Referred to as Patient A, the woman initially made claims that she received complimentary botox in exchange for sexual acts at Esho’s clinic. She also alleged that the two engaged in “inappropriate” sexual messaging via Instagram.

During recent proceedings in Manchester, the MPTS upheld the patient’s accusations, determining that Esho did indeed trade botox treatments for sexual intercourse at his Newcastle clinic in 2021.

Despite his denial of physical sexual contact with Patient A, the panel ruled against Esho, emphasising his provision of free botox in exchange for sexual services.

Moreover, the tribunal concluded that Esho brazenly informed the woman that he could avoid any repercussions for his actions.

While the doctor’s conduct was deemed sexually motivated, the panel did not consider Patient A as vulnerable due to her profession.

Esho, the esteemed founder of the Esho Clinic, with branches in London, Liverpool, and Dubai, expressed disappointment with the MPTS’ ruling.

The outcome of this landmark case will have significant implications for his career and reputation within the industry.



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