Among the global sports marketing, Chery has deeply integrated sports culture with the brand spirit, winning the approval and love of global consumers and gaining good reputation and extensive praise in the international market, as well as serving as a good model for other automobile enterprises. When it comes to the story between Chery and football, it has been long-standing.

Chery’s culture is highly compatible with football spirit

Football is currently one of the most popular sports in the world and is known as the ” No. 1 sport in the world”. The spirit of football, which is positive, hardworking and challenging, has made the game a common language across age, race, gender and other barriers. The spirit of striving and struggling on the football field is highly compatible with Chery’s spirit of pursuing to be better and stronger.

As an international automobile company, Chery has always been committed to integrating into the local community through sports and football activities, and enhancing users’ sense of belonging to the Chery brand by organizing various online and offline activities. Over the years, Chery has incorporated football culture with its brand positioning, corporate culture and social responsibility. By integrating the sports vitality and positive cultural charm with Chery’s young and fashionable brand concept, Chery has imprinted its brand image deep into the hearts of every football-loving consumer around the world.

Continuously be active on the football field in sponsoring events and dedicating care

From exploration to practice, Chery has come a long way in brand building. In Chile, the UC team (Club Deportivo Universidad Católica) sponsored by Chery won the 2021 Chilean Primera División, which is the fourth consecutive championship in the Chilean Primera División for UC, and the first one in the history of the Chilean League of Football to win the championship for four consecutive times. Over the cooperation period, Chery actively interacted with fans, and carried out activities such as free ticket giveaways, social media coverage of the tournament, touring exhibitions and on-site interactive games that were well received by consumers.

In Ecuador, the football team of IDV (Independiente del Valle) sponsored by Chery defeated Argentine Club Atlético Colón and won the Copa Sudamericana. In 2021, IDV won the championship in the Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Fútbol Serie A, making it the first time for IDV to win the championship in its homeland and another breakthrough for the Chery-sponsored Latin American football team after the previous UC team won the Chilean Primera División.

In places such as Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica, where football is a favorite sport, Chery has launched a series of sports marketing activities successively. Besides, Chery is also actively practicing its corporate social responsibility by force of a series of public welfare activities around the world with soccer, such as sponsoring youth soccer schools, offering soccer shoes and daily necessities to children in poor areas, and donating materials to local health organizations, etc. to spread Chery’s love and care.

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Chery shines in the Middle East as the World Cup begins

To meet the arrival of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Chery takes the lead in the joy and passion of football. In addition to entering into a strategic cooperation agreement with Qatar Airways to become the official designated vehicle in Qatar. Chery will also echo with the landmarks of many countries in the Middle East to start the celebration moment of the World Cup and enjoy the World Cup feast with global users.

“Better Together”, is not only the theme song of the World Cup this year, but also expresses Chery’s exploratory attitude of not stopping at the connection between the football and the brand. Chery will continue to conduct more diversified user activities that are closer to consumers, so that the brand image of Chery can be deeply rooted in the hearts of every sports-loving consumer around the world.

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