Mabuza urges those sceptical about Covid-19 vaccines to have a rethink


He said SA was now in a far better situation than it was last festive season due to the development of vaccines.

“Despite cumulative cases of new infections and the recorded fatalities since the last festive season, we have made progress in sailing through the difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Mabuza said through collaborative work and international solidarity, scientists continue to make discoveries that benefit the world in taking science-based decisions that place it in a better position to defeat Covid-19.

“While we continue to work hard to prevent the loss of lives, the increasing number of recoveries at the country level bears testimony to this scientific progress as well as our level of preparedness for this fight. We salute all those who have chosen the path of vaccinating against the virus.”

Mabuza also thanked all the healthcare workers, Covid-19 vaccine ambassadors, sports men and women and artists who were on the front line of vaccination campaigns.

“With their action we have edged closer to reclaiming our normal lives and freedoms, free of restrictions imposed on us by coronavirus.

“We encourage those who are still sceptical of Covid-19 vaccines and their efficacy, to rethink their position to ensure that we move forward, and together we defeat this virus.”

Mabuza also said women in SA were fighting a seemingly endless battle against violence meted out by those who ordinarily should give them care.

“This scourge of gender-based violence and femicide is coupled with abuse of children, especially girl-children, the rising number of new HIV infections among adolescent girls, new and missing cases of TB infections, substance abuse, discrimination against key populations and all other forms of social ills that persist in our communities.

“During this Christmas period, let us be reminded that each one of us is responsible for making our country a better and safer place to live in,” Mabuza said.



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