Nancy Writebol On a Steady Road Map to Recovery


The second American missionary doctor, Nancy Writebol, who was medically evacuated from Liberia on August 4th to Emory University’s Hospital in Atlanta, is making great strides on a strong road to recovery.
She is the second American Ebola patient to receive the experimental ZMapp (Ebola Serum).
Her path to recovery remains a prominent case report in the medical community as she could provide a unique window into how the human body responds over the weeks and years to this new drug.
All the details of her recovery remain relevant as they daily increase scientific knowledge about the absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of the experimental drug, which has never undergone any form of human clinical trials.
According to her son Jeremy, who provided an update about his mother’s status on ABC’s Today Show last week, Nancy is getting stronger and stronger by the day.
The doctors at Emory’s University Hospital are very optimistic about Nancy’s chances for survival.
Nancy is in high spirits and was briefly united with her husband David on Sunday, who just completed a 21 day quarantine to ensure that he did not have Ebola.
Dr Kent Brantley, the medical director for Samaritan Purse’s Ebola Consolidated Case Management Center in Monrovia, who was the first Ebola patient to medically evacuated from Liberia and to receive ZMapp is also reported tobe doing very well.
We at The Accra Report wish both Nancy and Kent a continuous steady recovery, and we hope the insights obtained throughout the course of their ailment in both Liberia and at Emory will serve as a blueprint on how to treat the hundreds of patients on the Africa continent currently battling for their lives.
Image credit:InChrist Communications/Reuters


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