Surgery: Osinbajo making steady progress –Doctors 


Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is making good and steady progress, doctors in charge of the vice president’s care at the Duchess International Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, say.

Osinbajo on July 16, had successful surgery on his thigh bone at Duchess International Hospital.

The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Dr. Adetokunbo Shitta-Bey, who gave the update on Tuesday in Lagos, said the vice president was making the sort of progress that was expected.

“He is a model patient; we have been able to observe in very close quarters, the very essence of the man.

“He is very compliant, listens to advice, and as such he is able to make the sort of progress that we expect.

“He is undergoing physiotherapy as part of his rehabilitation process.

“The multidisciplinary team that has been involved with his care has been very pleased with the progress that he is making,” he said.

Responding to a question about the affordability of Duchess International Hospital and quality of service, Shitta-Bey said that services at the facility were not expensive and not out of the reach of many Nigerians.

He commended the vice president for the choice of patronising a local hospital rather than embarking on medical tourism for a service that was available locally.

Shitta-Bey said that the affordability of the facility was among the reasons the vice president chose to have a medical procedure here in Nigeria.

“Just speaking in terms of access to affordable world-class health care, we are giving a lot of attention to the very highly emotive subject of access and taking deliberate steps to bring down the barriers that prevent people from accessing these essential services.

“I think this is largely what informed the vice president’s decision to have his procedure here at the Duchess International Hospital.

“The vice president is a national treasure and it is an honour to have him in our hospital.

“He receives the same level of safe, healthcare anyone who would come into the hospital would receive, of course, with additional considerations for security because it is a matter of national interest and security.”

The chief executive officer spoke further about what the hospital was doing to ensure access to affordable healthcare and reverse the trend in medical tourism.

“For example, to register at the Duchess International Hospital and see a doctor is not more than N5,000.

“We have a consultant-led service at the Duchess International Hospital.

“It is very important that the decisions that are made within the first few minutes are precise decisions.

“You are far more likely to see a specialist consultant within the first 10 minutes in the hospital unlike in other hospitals in Lagos, and so all of that contribute to the safety and security that patients have when they come in.

“It is also very important for us that the entire community is able to access the service.

“We are also focused on bringing our boys and girls back home; all of these contribute to the safe and secure environment that enables people to come and have the care that they need.”

He also spoke about taking deliberate steps to check capital flights as a result of medical tourism.

According to him, it is really important to have a range of services that will keep money and expertise within this country.

“It is precisely what the Duchess International Hospital represents.

“We need not one Duchess Hospital, this country needs about 50 Duchess Hospitals to improve access, bring down the cost of health care, access to essential services, and having specialists, front to end the services.

“Having a 24-hour emergency and critical care, having the right governance arrangement both clinically and administratively based on all the things that contribute to a robust environment,’’ he said.

On his part, the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Adedoyin Dosunmu-Ogunbi said Osinbajo was making steady progress.

“He is walking already, taking a few steps. You can imagine after major surgery in his right femur bone; that is very encouraging as he continues to recover.”

The medical director called for urgent reforms to revitalise healthcare delivery in Nigeria, noting that “the sector in Nigeria is highly under-resourced’’.

“All public officials in Nigeria should have their healthcare in Nigeria.

“If the treatment is available in Nigeria, then they should get it in Nigeria.

“And in many cases it is available, but if we do not have such services available in Nigeria then they can get it elsewhere,” he said. 



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